I am Briana.  Sounds like banana.  I make art.  I organize.  I teach.  I communicate through fabric, beads, paper, and the examination of language.  I help other artists share their work.  I work to save cat lives.  I raise a small person.  I make to support my family and express myself.  I make and organize because I can't help it.  That's me in a nutshell.

To expand, I've always been a maker which has led me to realize that I am, in fact, an artist.  Like many of my peers, I was heavily exposed to many different forms of creating thanks to my parents and grandparents.  My father instilled in me the thrill and skills involved in junking for the unknown.  My mother showed me that creating is soul-enriching.  Antiquing and crafting taught me what school couldn't.  It's always been in my blood.  I will always create.

Professionally, I teach English as a Second Language to adults.  I have been fortunate enough to work with individuals and educators from all over the world for over a decade.  Teaching ESL fulfills something in me that nothing else can.  I truly love my job and it is rewarding in ways I am unable to explain.

While I stay quite busy, much of my focus is on my family.  I met my husband thirteen years ago while selling my wares at a music festival.  We are proud Oklahomans who have no plans of leaving.  Seven years ago, we welcomed a spunky little gal to our world who is known to many as my constant sidekick.  In 2014, we bought my dream house from an estate sale and spend much of our time and energy bringing it back to its former glory.  It's certainly a labor of love!

We are also proud parents to our gigantic canine son, a young pup who recently joined our family, and the craziest cat I've ever met who keeps us all on our toes!  I stay involved with behind-the-scenes magic at a local no-kill, non-profit cat shelter in my 'free' time. 

A friend once said that I thrive making order out of chaos which couldn't be more true.  Obsessively cleaning and organizing is my norm but I strive to make it as beneficial as possible which, I feel, benefits my community in many ways such as Alliday, my involvement with StreetCats, and this Bifftastica world.